Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Perfect Combination: Late Summer...Dior...Mathis

Christian Dior "Schuman" ballgown, 1950

Charles Lord "Fortura" Ballgown, Pricipessa Collection 2007

I love this song, regardless of the who's performing it...Frank Sinatra, June Christy, whomever! Its just one of the best songs ever written and composed. But when I stumbled across this version by Johnny Mathis....well, I immediately got visions of Labor Day weekend regatta balls on the North Shore of Long Island or in Newport....diaphanous, ethereal layered Dior-esque chiffon gowns swanning about candelit halls, setting ablaze the crystalline jewels decorating gown and wearer...the orchestra's dulcet melodies wafting through the rooms and out into the faintly crisp night air. Elegance immortalized in song and cloth.....

Dior "Schuman", 1950

Christian Dior, Vertical Line 1950

Christian Dior, Trompe L'oiel Line 1949

Christian Dior "Junon" ballgown, Mid-Century Line 1949

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Anonymous said...

I hope you haven't abandoned this space. Your designs are wonderful, and your image collections are so very inspiring.