Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is It Possible? a poem by Charles Brown

Is it possible…
To be completely and totally in love with Someone and want to spend every moment of the day and night with them.
To love the way Someone brightens your day when you are feeling bad and takes you higher when you are already on top of the world.
To love how Someone notices the little things that mean so much to you and how you know that their only desire is for you to be happy and fulfilled.
To love the sincerity with which Someone appreciates everything you do for them and the sincerity and love with which they do everything for you.
To love Someone so much that you find yourself thinking about them throughout the day and try to find any and every reason to be in their presence.
To love the beauty of Someone’s soul and mind, as well as their face and physique, so much so that you stare at them sometimes and can hardly believe this person exists.

Is it possible…
To love Someone like that, and have them not have a clue.
To love Someone like that, and not want them to have a clue but simultaneously wanting nothing more but to tell them.
To love Someone like that, and have them love another the same way.
To love Someone like that, and to genuinely and deeply love the person they are with for the same reasons you love that Someone.
To love what Someone has with the other without jealousy or envy or spite or wishing it were you.
To love Someone like that, and do everything you can to support and empower the bond that person has with another because you know that their love for each other and their combined and individual love for you is so true.
To love Someone like that, and know that the relationship you have with each of them is more important and more real than your own desire to have Someone’s love all to yourself.
To love Someone like that, and to take hope that you will find a love like theirs of you own, without feeling bitter or left out.
To love Someone like that and want to be with them, but still be happy that your not, because they have found their great love and you just love being with them in whatever way you can.
To love Someone with an unrequited love and not feel like your heart is breaking.

It seems impossible, but it is possible.
Maybe its improbable, and its highly inexplicable, but its definitely possible.
And gratefully so.

(Conceived 11:00pm, Sat, Nov.22, 2008)