Sunday, October 11, 2009

RIP Irving Penn

Princess Ira Von Furstenberg in full regalia, photographed by Irving Penn.

Sorry Oscar!

So my friend Oscar has been on me for a minute about having not posted anything lately.
Unfortunately, I cannot come up with an original thought! LOL!!

I have been so busy lately with so many projects, that my creative juices for writing or personal expression are stymied. I can't even get my thoughts together to plan my birthday party for goodness sake!! And planning a soiree is usually the most effortless of endeavors pour moi!

In my absence from blogging, I have designed my next collection. It is an amazing fall collection that I am hoping I have the wherewithal to actually begin to produce. I am sorda at a "build it and they will come" place with it, because I don't know exactly how or what to do with it after it is made. But it felt good just designing it... playing with the fabrics, editing the ideas, doing the croquis. Its been too long. I'm glad to know I still got it. But the common sense, logical, "man" side of me makes me hesitate in going into production until I have a clear vision of where to take it from there. And because I am stymied in my personal expression, as aforementioned, I can't quite get that clear vision I need to go forth.
I feel as Diana Ross would sing/ask "Do you know where you going to?? Do you like the things that life is showing you??" Which makes me think I should write a blog about Diana Ross...
Excuse me for rambling. But isn't that kinda what blogging is about?

In the meantime, here is a pic I found that makes me warm inside. I just love Sable!!!...