Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Glamour

More elements and influences of my style...
A montage of clips of the character Sable Colby from Dynasty and its spin-off The Colbys

Semper Chic!


To further illustrate the elements of my stlye AND showcase one of the fondest memories of my youth, here is the Al Jarreau music video to the theme for Moonlighting.
How I love that show! Its was definitely an early influence on my personal and professional aesthetics. Its 80's glamour mellowed, whereas Dynasty was 80's glamour amplified. Not to mention it was one of the wittiest, most intelligent, well-written, well-acted shows ever! Enjoy!

My Fall Style!

Fashion Illustrations from the 70s/80s by the renowned Antonio Lopez

So for those of you who don't know, I L.I.V.E. for fall/winter fashions. The layering, the textures, the luxury, its all too fabulous!!! And this is promising to be my personal BEST season in....forever!

I already have a very specific aesthetic profile I tend to adhere to regardless of trends. It pretty much boils down to this:

Spring/Summer- 60's Mod meets 80's California Chic a la Maddie Hayes (Cybil Sheppard on Moonlighting). So the silhoutte is full, but fitted, light colored, and cropped. Laura Petrie-style capris or highwaters with fitted, printed button-down like early 60's Italian palazzon pajama ensembles in the stlye of Pucci and Galitzine . Or boxy yet fluid linen jackets and coats with a tank, wide belt and bermuda shorts or slacks, with bold jewelry.

Veruschka modeling an extremely wide palazzo pant jumpsuit with two male models sporting silhouettes very similar to my spring look.

Designer Princess Irene Galitzine's palazzo pajamas from the 50's and 60's

Cybil Sheppard as Maddie Hayes in Moonlighting

Fall/Winter- 40's and 80's. Heavy fabrics. Tweed. Tailored. Volume. Strong, Strong Shoulders. Sharply Defined Waist or Obliterated Waist. Boots. Turbans and Berets. JEWELS! FURS! Dynasty
Sometimes when I am feeling more minimalistic, like last fall, I'll forego the abundance and extravagance and go for a more mid-late 70's vibe. The same shapes, but more fluid and relaxed. Mahogany meets Grace Mirabella's Vogue.

Alexis, Blake, and Krystle from Dynasty

Joan Collins as Alexis Colby. Hat, gloves, fur, clutch...So chic!
Vintage Claude Montana coat from the 80's. Perfect for this season

But this season is going to be extra special. The 20s, 40s, 60s, and 80s design influences have melded into one of the most exciting, creative, diverse fashion seasons I have ever seen!! And for me, everything has perfectly aligned to allow me to be at my my sartorial peak, personally and in the eyes of the fashionable world. The looks and trends for fall are perfectly in sync with my wardrobe and vice versa. I have everything I need to look as though I just stepped off the runway, WHILE retaining that all-too-important element: individuality. I don't have to sacrifice a thing about my personal style in order to be in-step with fashion...this time fashion is marching to the beat of MY drum!! And because my wardrobe is made of originals -couture and vintage- I won't ever see myself coming and going. Lastly and thankfully because I am not 40+, I can wear these looks unabashedly and with a freshness that could otherwise come off as dated.

So get ready to see me flying down the street with Tears for Fears and Shalamar blasting, furs blowing in the wind, diamonds sparkling, and shoulder pads high!! I only hope my haute "Ladies Who Lunch" look doesn't suffer due to my humble "Guy Who Takes-Out" lifestyle! :-)

You know I'm gonna be rockin' that Zsbornak steez!

This suit is from the late 20's. I'm ALL OVER these pants!

Joan Collins (not as Alexis). I can definitely do the hat and jacket... and I think I will!

I tried to find some pics of Clair and Denise Huxtable, but couldn't find any that adequately showed off their great style of their characters. :-(

Semper Chic!